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Katy Reynolds

Professional dancer turned certified fitness professional. Katy has built up a wealth of experience teaching and training clients across boutique London studios whilst working for the UK’s leading Barre brand.

Striving to create an inclusive fitness experience that highlights just how beneficial Barre can be, in 2020 Katy founded BODY LDN. The mission was to offer high calibre boutique style Barre classes (synonymous with London) that weren’t restricted by location or price.

BODY LDN enjoyed great success and quickly gained popularity on an international scale; with members joining classes from Canada, Australia, UAE and throughout Europe.. As Katy’s method continued to grow; Your Barre Studio was born as an evolution of the BODY LDN brand.

Katy has taught for brands such as Sweaty Betty, Livia’s Kitchen and Nike. Katy’s expertise and passion for her method has been recognised internationally and she is one of the trainers for an international wellness brand where she has created and recorded a series of Barre classes for their online platform.

At Your Barre Studio we take an athletic approach to Barre. Every session is dynamic and challenging, yet incredibly rewarding, with no two classes the same.

Katy wants to break down the Barre barrier as she believes Barre should be accessible and enjoyable for all. She’s at her happiest when engaging with people and is so grateful that she can share this innovative method with Your Barre Studio’s ever-growing online community.

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